Personal Development and Leadership Trainings and Events

Jeff Riggenbach, PhD, is an award winning and three time best-selling author who has developed a reputation as a world-wide expert in thinking and personality function.

In addition to training over 15,000 clinical practitioners in the United States, Mexico, Canada, Australia, and South Africa, he has now adapted his content to serve general audiences as well.

He is s speaker/trainer/coach with the John Maxwell Team, a certified DISC consultant with Personality Insights, and serves as an expert trainer with the High Conflict Institute.

Jeff’s recent work, informed by his extensive psychological background, centers around training and coaching client’s (individuals and organizations) to deal with “difficult people” in their personal and professional life’s.

These trainings are perfect for helping corporations, HR departments, legal professionals churches and other general audiences handle the “difficult people” with whom they have to interact.

Whether you are looking to cultivate a more positive work environment, improve employee cooperation and retention, engage students in a way that facilitates learning, or generally improve communication skills for co-workers, supervisors, teachers, students, or clients, learning to manage people effectively in not optional.
  • Keynote Addresses
  • Breakout Sessions
  • Organizational/ Workplace Trainings
  • Training Legal Professionals on dealing with “High Conflict” People
  • Deal with Difficult People in Schools and Churches

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