The CBT Toolbox: the One Tool Every Coach or Therapist Needs

Jeff Riggenbach
Jeff Riggenbach, PhD is a three-time best-selling and Award winning author and international expert in CBT and personality functioning.

You will be equipped with

✓ Fill in the gaps in your knowledge by integrating techniques from Cognitive sciences to your existing methods

✓ Learn 7 strategies proven to help people not only get well but stay well

✓ Put an end to that feeling in your gut you get when you think you may not be offering clients all they need

✓ Develop expertise in cognitive restructuring to re-wire the brain and create long lasting emotional well being

✓ Learn proven methods of helping people overcome stress and anxiety, depression, motivational problems, issues related to addictive behaviors and bad habits, and more!

✓ Acquire world class communication skills based upon specific knowledge of cognitive profiles to disarm even the most “difficult” and high conflict people