Avoid Burnout by Dealing More Effectively with the 8 Most Difficult People in Your Workplace, Home, Church, or School

Difficult Personalities in the Corporate world

Manage Conflict People in the Workplace before you have to deal with poor Morral, high turnover, and loss of profit

Difficult Personalities in Education

Educator retainment rates are at an all-time low. equip your team to deal with hi Conflict students, parents, teachers, and administrators before they burn out!

Difficult Personalities in Faith-based Settings

Identify hi Conflict staff, parishioners, and committee members sabotaging your effectiveness in your communities and stop them in their tracks before they damage your mission!

Difficult Personalities in Your Personal Life

Identify red flags for toxic relationships with family members, friends, and romantic partners and learn specific action steps to restore your peace.

About Me

About Me

Jeff Riggenbach, PhD, is a 3 time best-selling author and speaker/trainer/coach with the John Maxwell Team who has trained audiences in all 50 United States, The UK, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa. He has devoted the past 20 years to developing advanced expertise in thinking and personality styles. In addition to the clinical programs he has directed for treating personality disorders with cognitive behavioral therapy, his recent work has centered around equipping leaders with effective communication strategies for dealing with high conflict personalities in workplace environments, school systems, and faith-based settings. Additionally, he is a certified DISC behavioral consultant with Personality Insights.

Jeff is a leader in the personal/professional development space and provides keynote addresses, live or virtual in-house workshops, and webinar-based online courses, as well as individual coaching and consulting for corporate, educational, and faith based audiences worldwide. Contact him and his team at [email protected] to start the discussion!

Improve Employee Retention

Employee satisfaction scores in many industries are at an all time low. employee morale is low and burn out is high. Give your team the power with people they need to deal effectively deal with high conflict personalities that burn them out and influence them to look for “greener pastures.”

Enhance Your Reputation in the Industry

Image is everything! And unfortunately one bad apple can destroy your image in your industry. Equip your managers to deal more effectively with these high conflict personalities and create the culture you want to restore your reputation.

Boost Your Bottom Line

Inability to retain key personnel is responsible for x$ loss annually. Make today the last day you waste your time and energy and resources dealing with petty people problems affecting your profit.

Our Clients

Our Clients

Jo M

Canberra, Australia

“Dr. Jeffs work is understandable & inspiring! He has given me a whole new level of awareness and creativity and helped me bring a different energy to work with my clients.”

Dawn S

California, USA

“I appreciate waking up daily to Jeff’s stimulating & challenging content. He encourages me to really think about my responses & coaches me to change negative thought processes to positive ones. Working through his content & the responses is like therapy in my own home!”

Marina K

Johannesburg, South Africa

“Jeff has a down to earth approach when interacting with people. Unlike most who are highly trained, he has the ability to truly connect with people with authenticity & integrity. His content is always thought provoking & challenging.”

Anila H

Sialkot, Pakistan

“Dr. Jeff is inspirational. He is knowledgable about many different types of people and situations. It is easy to learn from him and I am growing from past decisions.”

Avoid Burnout by Dealing More Effectively with the 8 Most Difficult People in Your Workplace, Home, Church, or School