Make Meaningful Changes That Last

Get Your CBT Toolbox to Work With Difficult People

Make Meaningful Changes That Last

Get Your CBT Toolbox to Work With Difficult People

Longlasting Change

Use practical CBT techniques to help your clients not only get well but stay well. Get easy to implement tools to effectively deal with relapse.

Client-Specific Recovery

Understand the specifics of ‘difficult’ people and learn to use the client’s past life to develop a customised blueprint to help them move beyond their patterns.

Immediate Techniques

Learn to implement evidence based techniques within a very short time known to work for a lot of people without any complex psychotherapy.

Scalable High Income

Learn to conduct CBT-based training and speaking events around the world to generate a high income from delivering consistent high value to clients.

About Me

About Me

I used to hate coffee. But it was free. And I was broke. And I was attending graduate school in one of the coldest places in the US and it was warm. My education consisted of family dynamics training and some spiritual interventions. Though I found value in those techniques, I quickly realized they had limits, and that those gaps in my knowledge were hindering my clients’ growth.  I developed awareness then that anytime we do something TO someone rather than THROUGH them change rarely lasts.

I then serendipitously stumbled onto CBT.

Little did I know at the time that developing expertise in this specific skillset would not only enable me to help thousands I was previously unprepared to, but would also equip me to overcome two life-threatening kidney transplants, work undercover with the FBI, and speak internationally.

Although I now have advanced training from the world renowned Beck Institute, I have become known as the “practical tools guy.”  I have trained over 12,000 people on thinking and behavior and I’d love to work with you as well.

Oh, and I now drink a lot of coffee in some pretty cool places!

Integrate CBT Into Your Existing Methods

You will learn how to use cbt as a therapist, coach, healer, alternative medicine practitioner in a way that gives you long lasting results. You will get specific tools for dealing with stress and anxiety, relationship problems, depression, and anger.

Learn to Work With Different Types of People

You will learn about the 4 different types of difficult people from a qualified source with world class training rather than internet so called experts – you will learn to develop client specific maps that will guide your use of language to communicate effectively with each.

Learn to Become a Highly Paid CBT Trainer/Speaker

Learn the foundations of what it would take to be a trusted source to talk @ global level on CBT. Based on my 12 years of experience, I will be taking you through the do’s & dont’s of establishing yourself as CBT speaker and trainer.

Our Clients

Our Clients

Jo M

Canberra, Australia

“Dr. Jeffs work is understandable & inspiring! He has given me a whole new level of awareness and creativity and helped me bring a different energy to work with my clients.”

Dawn S

California, USA

“I appreciate waking up daily to Jeff’s stimulating & challenging content. He encourages me to really think about my responses & coaches me to change negative thought processes to positive ones. Working through his content & the responses is like therapy in my own home!”

Marina K

Johannesburg, South Africa

“Jeff has a down to earth approach when interacting with people. Unlike most who are highly trained, he has the ability to truly connect with people with authenticity & integrity. His content is always thought provoking & challenging.”

Anila H

Sialkot, Pakistan

“Dr. Jeff is inspirational. He is knowledgable about many different types of people and situations. It is easy to learn from him and I am growing from past decisions.”

Make Meaningful Changes That Last

Get Your CBT Toolbox to Work With Difficult People

Make Meaningful Changes That Last

Get Your CBT Toolbox to Work With Difficult People